Border Terrier Grooming Guide


For many years, dogs have provided fantastic companions for us humans and in return we treat them with walks in the park and delicious dinners. However, we also have to look after their coat and help them along the way. As all dogs are different, varying routines have to be developed and today we have compiled a short how to groom a border terrier guide for all loving owners.


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Since they have a double coat, a border terrier should have a dense coat on top with a softer undercoat to keep them warm and dry. Despite popular belief, border terriers do actually moult and they tend to lose the most hair when getting closer to needing stripping. As long as you brush regularly, you can help with the removal of loose hairs on top but between brushes will still see them lose coat.


For border terriers, a maintenance routine is always a good idea. Rather than being a chore, it can actually be quite fun for both parties. To start, remove all loose hairs with a regular brush to keep the coat clean. Whilst doing this, check other areas such as the bottom as they may require a cleaning. If this is the case, a damp cloth or even a baby wipe will do the trick perfectly. After this, check teeth, ears, eyes, and the nails.


Rather than letting the task build up, doing teeth and nails little and often will always be better for you and your dog. In an attempt to maintain the tidy look, you might also want to remove any long hairs to make the next full strip a lot easier. When written down, this sounds like a hefty task but it will take just minutes and keep your border terrier clean and healthy.


In terms of bathing, this isn’t actually necessary if you complete daily maintenance and regular stripping. Every time you bath your dog, you will be removing natural oils which impacts the texture of the coat and its ability to remain waterproof. Of course, sometimes we can’t prevent them from playing in the mud and who knows what else. If this is the case, try to use warm water without shampoo first. If product is required, use a canine shampoo that specializes in wiry coats.


Ultimately, border terriers are actually unique in the way that their hair grows. Rather than growing continuously, they will reach a certain point, die out, and then a new hair will push it out hence the moulting. As long as you remove the excess hairs and maintain their coat, they will only need a full strip twice a year.


If you have any concerns or need any advice at all, be sure to contact your local breeder or vet. Nowadays, it is easy to glean information and receive help so make use of the various resources available. If you choose to hand strip, make sure you learn the correct techniques because your fingers and thumbs are actually the most important tool that you can use!