Border Terrier Skin Problems

A Look at Border Terrier Skin Problems & Other Health Conditions

 healthy border terrier

Of all the breeds of dog in the world, there are some that face a high chance of experiencing health issues despite what we, as owners, do to prevent it from occurring. On the other end of the scale, there are breeds that very rarely go through health problems and the border terrier can be considered within the latter. On the whole, border terriers are one of the healthiest little dogs that you will find. However, there are still some issues to note.


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For a few border terriers, heart defects and hypothyroidism can be a problem but this isn’t common. When it comes to border terriers, the only real threat to their health that can be considered ‘common’ is the skin conditions that can be experienced. As with all dogs, skin problems can be a huge issue so we will take you through the main examples here today.


For all terriers, pyoderma is perhaps the greatest problem of all and this develops as a bacterial infection after the skin has been wounded or cut in some way. For the owner, this can be quite worrying because the symptoms are quite nasty with lesions, pus-filled swellings, and sometimes even hair loss. In the majority cases, the problem will be assessed on a superficial basis and then treated. If the pyoderma is deeper than the uppermost layer, scrapings or biopsies may be required. Furthermore, the veterinary professional may also examine the bacterial cells to see if it is a sign of a larger health problem.


Depending on the depth of the issue, a treatment type will be offered. Typically done on an outpatient basis, the most common treatment is external topical medication and maybe antibiotics to remove the infection. In order to remove the infection completely even after the symptoms have disappeared, antibiotics will normally follow a one-month programme. After this has been completed, the chances of the condition returning will be reduced.


Aside from pyoderma, ear infections and inflammation in this area can also cause a problem for dog and dog owners alike. If this problem is left untreated, it can run deeper into the dog’s body and cause even more issues in the future. However, caught early enough and it will be a simple course of medication and cleaning to solve the condition.


In truth, most of the skin conditions that occur within border terriers do so because of poor management and grooming by the owner. If you keep your dog’s coat under control and check them regularly for any signs of skin problems, you will be limiting the opportunity for skin conditions to develop. As long as they are clean and healthy, border terriers will normally be happy!